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Influence Redefined

by Jeremy Barnett - Jeremy is a 3x founder & currently serves as the CEO/co-founder of RAD AI. His companies have been featured on Facebook Business, Inc., Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Vanity Fair, Forbes & Business Insider. Jeremy is a regular speaker @ USC Marshall School of Business & supporter of Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

Hi All, 

Jeremy Barnett, CEO and founder of RAD AI, here. Many colleagues and industry peers have encouraged me to share the insights and readings that fuel my creativity, strategy, and leadership at RAD AI, as well as how we navigate the diverse needs of our clients. In response, we're excited to introduce my new newsletter, "Perspectives Of A Marketing CEO." This newsletter aims to share the daily observations and insights shaping my thinking and guidance for our very talented team and clients. Each month, I'll reveal what I've learned, creative highlights that caught my eye, inspiring news, and developments I'm eagerly anticipating. 

Here's what's on my radar this month:

I Didn’t Know That...
  • Of the 2,000 creators who earn over $100,000 annually, 95% of these high-earning creators have fewer than 1 million followers, challenging the notion that a vast follower count is essential for substantial earnings in the creator economy.
  • Thousands of parents are expressing concerns over AI-generated influencers on TikTok, arguing these virtual personas promote unrealistic beauty standards to kids. Over 12,000 parents have signed a petition urging TikTok to better label content by AI influencers, fearing the impact on children's body image and self-esteem. Despite TikTok's policy requiring labeling of AI-generated content, enforcement is inconsistent, leaving many videos unlabeled and potentially misleading. This situation highlights the broader issue of social media's role in shaping youth perceptions and the call for more stringent regulation of AI-generated content.
I Liked The Creativity Of…
  • CeraVe - they orchestrated an innovative Super Bowl influencer campaign that cleverly stirred online speculation about Michael Cera's involvement with the brand, resulting in 6 billion impressions before the game even started. Instead of releasing traditional teasers, the brand engaged over 450 influencers to create an immersive storytelling experience, leading to a massive buzz. This campaign, developed with WPP and led by Ogilvy PR North America, unfolded over three weeks, showcasing the power of social media and influencer partnerships to amplify brand visibility. CeraVe's strategy diverged from conventional advertising, demonstrating its ability to innovate and engage audiences in a crowded market space.
I Was Inspired By…
  • The growing influence of women over the age of 50 on social media, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with a broad audience, including younger followers. This trend is reshaping how we view consumer interaction, proving that genuine, relatable content knows no age limits. These trailblazing influencers are redefining age with their confidence and zest for life, challenging long-standing stereotypes and advocating for a more inclusive marketing world. Their ascent not only celebrates the richness of their experiences but also calls on brands to acknowledge and cater to the diverse interests and values of this dynamic demographic, fostering a more connected and inclusive social media environment.
I’m Excited For….
  • RAD AI’s bold new branding! We’ve recently unveiled a fresh new look that captures the pulse of market trends, aligns closely with our customers' core values, and sets the stage for sustained growth. Check out our new vibe at www.radintel.ai, and let me know what you think!
  • SXSW 2024 - my team will be in Austin this year to connect with clients, partners, and industry luminaries, uncover the latest trends, and delve into the future of digital media, marketing, and technology. Interested in meeting? Hit me up at the email below to schedule a conversation.

Thoughts or ideas you want to discuss?

Let’s connect: Jeremybarnett@radintel.ai. Thanks for reading, and until next time! 


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