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LinkedIn Revives B2B Influencer Marketing

by Jeremy Barnett - Jeremy is a 3x founder & currently serves as the CEO/co-founder of RAD AI. His companies have been featured on Facebook Business, Inc., Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Vanity Fair, Forbes & Business Insider. Jeremy is a regular speaker @ USC Marshall School of Business & supporter of Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

Hi all, over the past month I've been closely observing the surge in discussions about the influencer and creator economy, particularly around LinkedIn. It's no surprise to me that this platform, which I've wholeheartedly embraced, is attracting a significant amount of attention from B2B brand marketers.

Like me, they're keen to explore the potential connections with influencers on LinkedIn. The platform has definitely stepped up its game, making influencer marketing an increasingly viable option for brands. Initially, LinkedIn rolled out its Brand Partnership tag 🤝, making it simpler for users to spot content that's sponsored or paid for. Then came the introduction of thought leadership ads, bolstered by recent updates that allow company page admins to support not just employee content with ad spend, but also content from users outside their immediate network.

I must say, 💪 I'm quite bullish on LinkedIn. It's not just a powerful tool for executives to expand their influence, but it's also paving the way for influencer marketing in a manner that's yet to be fully exploited on other platforms like TikTok or Instagram. The main obstacle for LinkedIn, as I see it, is the need for a backend portal — something akin to a LinkedIn Influencers for Business portal. 

IMO 🤷♂️, and take it for what it's worth... this would be a game-changer for brand marketers. The importance of finding the right influencer with the right timing has never been clearer. If LinkedIn can launch such a tool, it would certainly mark the beginning of a new era for influencers on the platform.

Beyond LinkedIn, a few other topics have captured my interest this month-

I Didn’t Know That…

  • 40% of 18-29 year olds are now researching products/services on TikTok before making a big purchase according to a new report from IZEA. This highlights how important it is for brands selling physical products to engage in the influencer economy on TikTok. Finding the right content, with the right influencer ultimately meets the consumer right in the middle of his or her search journey💥.... and yes, Google has taken notice - more coming on that in the next. :)

I Liked The Creativity Of… 

  • PacSun - For years, the brand has leveraged emerging artists to resonate with its youthful audience. This month, PacSun elevated this strategy with the launch of its 2024 Festival Campaign, highlighting three emerging acts to spotlight its newest collection. By crafting original branded music videos featuring these artists, adorned in the latest fashion from the collection, and promoting these across PacSun’s social media channels, the brand has created a blueprint for utilizing music as a dynamic tool to engage younger consumers. 

I Was Inspired By…

  • Brands' authentic engagement with the release of Beyoncé's country album Cowboy Carter were impressive. Major brands like Verizon, which announced the album in a Super Bowl ad, were expected to join the buzz. But the creativity of social media strategists from various brands stood out. For example, Cash App cleverly shared a screenshot of the lyric of its mention in the song "Desert Eagle" with the caption: "Wake up, new Beyoncé is out." Levi’s also seized the moment with a shout-out in the track "Levii’s Jeans." Their response on Beyoncé’s Instagram post was memorable: “The queen has spoken 🐝👑 changes our name to Leviis.” Levi’s even temporarily rebranded itself as “Levii’s” on social media, playfully updating its bio to “FKA Levi’s 🐝,” showcasing Beyoncé’s influence

I’m Excited For...

  • We have identified our first two strategic acquisitions, which we refer to as AIBOs (Artificial Intelligence Buyouts), our trademarked growth strategy. You might have seen the news VentureBeat and Entrepreneur, or NYSE. I continue to be bullish about this strategy and the team is full steam ahead on executing. More news coming. :)

Thanks for reading and until next time. 


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