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Part 2 of 3 - New Standards for Influencer Marketing 

In Part 1 of this series, we pinpointed what's wrong with the way influencer marketing is done today. We identified how lack of data, skewed data analysis, and tracking the wrong data translates into guesswork instead of actionable business intelligence.

Now we'll look at how AI creative intelligence is rewriting the rules by delivering data-driven results.

Introducing Data-driven Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The RAD AI creative intelligence platform is transforming influencer marketing by using content AI technology to deliver actionable insights before, during, and after your campaigns. Bypassing the impasse between automated efficiency and human authenticity, RAD AI combines the best of both worlds.

State-of-the-art machine learning optimized for influencer marketing gives you the business intelligence you need to remove bias from creative decisions. Data-driven decision-making and campaign tracking make performance predictable and eliminate unclear results. You get the same quantifiable return on investment you’d expect from pay-for-performance campaigns.

Leveraging Big Data Yields Big Results

How does it work? We overcome conventional data limitations by combining data from 600+ API partners. We’re the only AI that uses Reddit for creative intelligence, giving each client a unique glimpse into what authentic audiences and influencers are saying about your industry in genuine, candid conversations. Our other partners include Google/Adobe Analytics, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn- among many others.

Our cutting-edge content AI platform is trained to use all this data to develop ideal campaign personas optimized for your market. Through our partnership with Reddit, we’ve pinpointed over 100,000 precisely niched customer personas.

For each persona, we identify the dominant interests and sentiments of your target audience and weigh topics by audience using an objective scoring system. Based on this analysis, we match your campaign personas to influencers who fit your audience, using a ranking system that identifies your best influencer options.

Our content AI analysis helps you optimize the strategy and language you use to connect with your audience. For example, we recommend which hashtags to use to maximize your performance.

To track your results, we benchmark six months of historical performance on your social channels and web properties using relevant KPIs. Performance indicators we track include social engagement, conversions, follower growth, and web traffic. Tracking results get fed into a reporting feedback loop segmented by channel to help you improve your KPI performance.

Influencer Marketing Delivers Measurable ROI

This data-driven approach yields a measurable return on investment for your influencer marketing campaigns. You no longer need to guess what results you’re getting from your influencer marketing spend or what to do to improve your results. Just follow the numbers and do the math.

Now that you know how to overcome the limitations of conventional influencer marketing through AI, how do you put a content AI influencer marketing strategy into effect? In the final part of this series, we'll show you how it works in action:

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