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How an AI Helped the Top Travel and Resort Company in Las Vegas

by Stephen Klein

The Las Vegas market, like society as a whole, is undergoing an unprecedented acceleration of diversification, and the smart travel and resort companies understand that this isn’t something to be avoided, but something to be embraced.

According to recent census data, in addition to being younger, visitors to Las Vegas were more diverse. About 56% of 2021 visitors were white, down from 2016 to 2019 results, which ranged from 69% to 77%. In 2021, about 19% of visitors were Hispanic, 17% in 2021 were African American and 6% were Asian.

But there’s an elephant in the room. In order to succeed in this modern and challenging marketplace, a brand must be authentic. No one likes BS in marketing, especially when it comes to something as real as creating narratives for a diverse audience.

RAD AI was chosen for this delicate assignment because we have a secret weapon – the world’s first AI built to understand emotion. When it comes to ensuring authenticity in brand campaigns, we know how to crush it everytime. We've trained our models tp understand the relationship between content authenticity and campaign ROI.

This campaign was designed to highlight our client’s sincere commitment to representing itself as a welcoming resort that has an array of experiences guests can enjoy. Promulgating an inclusive message wasn't just the principled thing to do, it was also good for business.

RAD AI started pre-campaign by using our AI to develop persona data representing audiences that enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer. With the push of a button, Our AI was able to read hundreds of millions of pages of relevant information for the campaign objective.  The case study can be viewed here.

What we did: Examples of RAD AI-Informed content


"Good marketing executives try and figure out how their customers think. The masters succeed in capturing their customers’ hearts."