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Putting ROI-based Influencer Marketing into Effect

by Seth Weinkranz - Seth has 10+ years of experience in developing and executing global influencer-led initiatives cross-platform for Fortune 500 Brands. Today, he is a senior Account Manager with a history of working with prominent entertainment studios, lifestyle & sports brands. This, alongside with Seth’s background in talent management enables him to build win-win business partnerships for both talent & brands.


In Part 1 of this series, we looked at what's wrong with the way influencer marketing is done today, observing how poor use of data promotes guesswork instead of measurable results.

In Part 2, we revealed how RAD AI's creative intelligence platform is empowering a new, data-driven way to do influencer marketing, yielding the same type of measurable ROI you'd expect from other types of performance-based marketing.

In this final part of this three-part series, we'll walk you through the steps RAD AI uses to put data-driven influencer marketing into action.

What process does RAD AI use to deliver you measurable influencer marketing results? The overall process breaks down into four main steps which are executed before, during, and after your campaign:

Step One: Campaign Set-up

We start by collecting and analyzing the relevant data to generate the persona insights you need. Our persona insights provide the information you need to optimize your content, match you to influencers, and define influencer deliverables corresponding to your audiences.

Step Two: Benchmarking

Next, we benchmark six months of historical performance data from your social channels and web properties. This lays an objective, solid foundation for comparing your performance with your RAD AI results.

Step Three: Reporting & Improvement

As your campaign unfolds, our KPI tracking helps you monitor vital indicators such as social engagement, conversions, and follower growth and web traffic spikes. You can see exactly what impact your investment is having on your key numbers.

Our reporting feedback loops empower you to make adjustments which optimize your performance. We provide business intelligence you can apply to improve your paid advertising results, engagement rate and quality, impressions, and reach.

The feedback mechanisms built into our methodology help ensure that your influencer marketing campaigns yield continuous, incremental, steady improvements to your ROI. If you follow our recommendations, you can expect performance in the top 10% of influencer marketing campaigns.

Does It Work? Creative Intelligence Influencer Marketing Success Stories

How well does the RAD AI approach to influencer marketing work? As a case study, we reviewed twelve months of performance from our clients in the entertainment industry, one of the industries we serve.

Our study analyzed 397 unique pieces of AI-informed social media content made by 63 different creators. For benchmarking, we compared organic impressions and engagement to results from AI-informed counterparts for four of our clients. The results were decisive and dramatic.

For all content, 17.3 million organic impressions generated 640,000 engagements, for an engagement rate of 3.7%. For AI-informed content, 6.8 million impressions generated 754,000 engagements, for an 11% engagement rate. Overall, AI-informed content outperformed benchmarks by a 197% lift.

This is one example amongst many case studies. Our client base spans industries ranging from healthcare and eCommerce, to B2B sales and financial services. On average, influencer marketers using RAD AI’s solutions enjoy an ROI lift of 3.7X times their investment for organic, paid, and brand-owned channels. This translates into over 600+ hours of labor saved on per campaign and a 300% savings in content creation costs.

As this shows, when you compare AI-informed influencer marketing to old-school performance, the results aren’t even close. Creative intelligence beats manual methods hands-down.

Influencer Marketing ROI - Remove All Doubt

Outdated influencer marketing methods leave you guessing about your results. RAD AI’s next-generation creative intelligence platform removes all doubt about your ROI by combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with today’s most extensive range of influencer marketing data.

We mine data from Reddit and 600+ API connections. Our comprehensive data scope provides you with 360-degree insight into how to match your target audience with the right influencers, messaging, and content for your campaigns.

We provide the information you need to define data-driven goals and benchmarks for your influencer campaigns. Our reporting tools keep your performance aligned with your goals, delivering objective feedback you can apply to improve your KPIs for more impressions, higher engagement, and a more profitable ROI.

We deliver 300% average improvement in productivity and 92% average gains in content efficacy, while doubling ROI for our adopters. Fortune 500 brands like UBS, Condé Nast, and Accenture rely on us to deliver results for their influencer marketing campaigns. Contact us to schedule a demo and see how we can help you achieve your influencer marketing goals.


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