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Why Brands Are Looking For A Man In Finance

by Jeremy Barnett - Jeremy is a 3x founder & currently serves as the CEO/co-founder of RAD AI. His companies have been featured on Facebook Business, Inc., Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Vanity Fair, Forbes & Business Insider. Jeremy is a regular speaker @ USC Marshall School of Business & supporter of Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

Hi all, are you looking for a man in finance? Well, I’m not that guy, but have you heard this viral song on TikTok? Megan Boni (@girl_on_couch), the creator of the song about an “ideal” romantic partner, has garnered significant attention from brands and the online community.

 Boni’s original video has over 33 million views, with thousands of TikTokers using her sound for videos. Companies like Fruit of the Loom and Crocs have engaged with her by commenting on her videos and sending her products. Additionally, brands such as DuoLingo, NFL, United Airlines, and more have produced their spin on this trend. In fact, the song's popularity has led to various brands using it in marketing by modifying the lyrics or creating related content. 

Given all of this, it’s no surprise that Megan also scored a label deal this week – all from riffing on a 30 second TikTok.  That’s the power of content today.

So What’s The Impact on the Creator Economy?

Boni's experience highlights the power of viral content in the creator economy. Her song's success demonstrates how individual creators can capture the attention of major brands and influence marketing strategies. Brands are increasingly placing value on authentic, creator-driven content to reach and engage audiences, particularly on platforms like TikTok. Creators' ability to turn viral moments into full-time careers and secure brand partnerships emphasizes the evolving landscape of the creator economy, where content creators can quickly transition from hobbyists to influential market players.

Additionally, the power of creators has put a unique spotlight on the finance bro culture. @Google Trends noted that search interest for “finance bro” is currently at an all-time high in the US, and “finance bro vest” is the top related search over the past week. This trend suggests that the finance bro will likely dominate the summer, presenting brands with a unique opportunity to capitalize on this new phenomenon.

Boni's signing with Capitol/Polydor/Virgin Germany also underscores the growing intersection of social media and the music industry. Major labels are now actively scouting viral content on platforms like TikTok, leading to rapid signing deals and music releases. This evolution exemplifies how social media is reshaping traditional music industry practices, providing a fast track for creators to reach mainstream success and monetization. Read more about Boni’s rise to fame in AdAge and Billboard.

Here are a few other things that have been capturing my attention this month:

I Didn’t Know That…

  • YouTube has reclaimed the top spot from TikTok as the platform where creators earn the most income, with 28.6% of creators identifying it as their primary income source. TikTok follows at 18.3%, and Facebook is close behind at 16.5%. Despite recent initiatives to attract more users, Snapchat remains the least profitable platform for creators, with only 2.5% of creators earning significant income.

I Liked The Creativity Of… 

  • U.S. Tennis Association: The brand has partnered with Fat Joe, adding to the excitement for the forthcoming U.S. Open on Tuesday (May 28), with him lending his voice to their “Spectacular Awaits” campaign. Why Fat Joe? His voice truly ignites enthusiasm for the tournament, and his connection to tennis runs deep. Joe’s son, Joey, a tennis enthusiast, has been a source of inspiration for the Bronx MC. Last year, Joe celebrated Joey’s birthday and shared playful pictures of them with oversized tennis balls. Joey, who is 33 and lives with autism, has been a focal point of the musician’s efforts to raise awareness about the condition, notably in his 2023 memoir, "The Book of Jose."

I Was Inspired By…

  • Wharton professors Ryan Dew and Raghuram Lyengar conducted a recent study analyzing over 500,000 TikTok videos. Their published research shed light on the effectiveness of mega-influencers compared to micro-influencers in marketing campaigns. Key findings: while mega-influencers boast wider reach, they generate less engagement. Conversely, micro-influencers, particularly those with 7,500 to 10,000 followers, achieve the highest engagement rates. This translates to a better return on investment for brands. To empower data-driven influencer selection, the researchers introduced the concept of "follower elasticity of impressions" (FEI)

I’m Excited For…

  • We're thrilled to be innovating alongside our brand and agency partners!

RAD AI is constantly evolving our platform and we're excited to build powerful new features for our clients! In fact, we are actively customizing new feature sets for some of our biggest agency partners today and are excited for tighter alignment, which always means better service.

 Whether you're a brand looking to maximize influencer marketing impact or an agency seeking cutting-edge solutions for your clients, we're committed to providing the tools you need to succeed.  Get in touch – we’d love to help you solve problems with AI!

 Thoughts or ideas? Let’s connect, jeremybarnett@radintel.ai - I get a lot of inbound - so please be specific as to why you’re reaching out (i.e. Newsletter!).

 Thanks for reading, and until next time!



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